Basic Cutting Board Maintenance for Plastic and Wooden Boards

How to clean, sanitize and preserve your cutting boards plus tips on getting out tough stains and smelly odors.

by Haute Moms August 16, 2021

Learn about the pros and cons of wooden and plastic cutting boards, their different cleaning methods and preserving their finish.  

I like both plastic and wooden cutting boards.  I have an assortment of both in different sizes.  Each board has its particular use.  Small thin plastic boards for quick snack and meal preps, larger plastic boards for everyday larger meal prep and nice wooden boards for heavy duty use and for presentation purposes.

A couple highlights from the video…

Wooden Boards are not Dish Washer Safe!

Deep Cleaning Rub for Wooden Boards- Use course Kosher Salt, sprinkle Baking Soda, and rub in with the cut side of half a Lemon.   Wash board with mild soap and water before and after using the rub.  This will disinfect and deep clean your board.

Removing Tough Stains on Plastic Boards- Cover stained area or entire surface of board with two layers of paper towels.  Drizzle on bleach to saturate paper towels and let soak for 30 minutes to an hour.  Remove paper towels.  Wash board with mild soap and water before and after the bleach soak.  Use gloves when applying bleach.  Use a smaller container to apply bleach as needed just make sure it is labeled well.

Check out the video for more info, tips and ideas! 

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