About Us

Why Haute Moms Dinner Club?

After Years of being a Chef and Restaurant Owner I decided to make my exit from that crazy lifestyle to have more family time. I took a Monday through Friday (9-5) Job and quickly realized that I now faced a New Challenge. The “What is for Dinner Challenge.” 

Okay so I was spoiled. My family and I had become accustomed to the convenience of having full restaurant amenities. at our disposal. Not to mention the awesome pricing from buying in bulk and constant variety. Now I spent every Sunday night trying to pull together a list of meals for the week based on what I still had in the fridge, pantry, freezer…what might go bad first? What did we eat last week? Will my husband say “Chicken again”? I was also tired of overbuying no matter how I tried I always ended up having to throw something away that spoiled before we got to it. Then you have the grocery list to make and try to remember throughout the week what that brilliant Sunday night itinerary plan was. It’s now Wednesday and I got off work late and I can’t remember… “What am I supposed to be making for Dinner?” I know there is something in here, I dropped $120.00 at the grocery store. There HAS to be dinner in here somewhere!

Too Much Thought Involved and Too Much STRESS…

So I came up with Haute Moms Dinner Club. All you have to do is choose your Bin, Download or Print your grocery list, watch the bin video so you know the plan of action and you have your daily recipe and video for each meal as needed.

I Chose Four Meals for each bin for several reasons.

It seems inevitable that something will come up throughout the week and you’ll have to hit a fast food Joint or grab a quick Fried Chicken Bucket Meal (ie… weekly soccer practice that runs late or a music recital, or even the boss wants us to come over for dinner…) whatever it might be it seems like we always lose one night’s meal for some reason. 

Also, your family may have a weekly tradition or outing you would still like to do. (Friday night pizza or BBQ Saturdays or even Sunday Dinner with extended Family). Or perhaps, you and your spouse want DATE night and some FINE dining. These things are very important and just because we are on a budget doesn’t mean we can’t do them. We can save money on at least Four of our Meals so we can have a night off to enjoy ourselves, celebrate special occasions and create our own family traditions. I wanted a meal plan that didn’t conflict with our everyday activities. One that offered us spontaneity and flexibility for our hectic lives.

In addition to convenience and food conservation, Haute Moms Dinner Club is designed to help us all get dinner back on the kitchen table where it belongs! With all the modern conveniences and fast food joints surrounding us these days we have lost sight on the power of the family communion and the nutrition and nourishment of a home cooked meal. Dinner time is quality family time that we all need. A chance to talk about our days and get to know what is going on in each other’s lives. As Working Moms, it is tough to make this happen consistently no matter how important it is. Haute Moms Dinner Club is here to make it easier for all of us!